Blossom Juicy Bar

What is Blossom Juicy Bar?

We are a family of Boba shops established in Dayton, Ohio with one vision: Bring Happiness! Since 2018 we have had the pleasure of growing with our community and building an atmosphere of joy and kindness within our locations by crafting Milk Teas, Fruit Teas, Milk Smoothies, Fruit smoothies and other treats including pastries provided by local partners. Our tea is steeped with care, our fruit is cut fresh, and our drink components are made in house- but what sets us apart is our commitment to our vision in every facet of our business. We know that happy Bobaristas are the key to a happy Boba experience and so we operate on a basis of integrity and respect.

What’s our secret?

To inspire peace and joy, and spark happiness in everyday life we draw upon the principles of Sahaja Yoga and the mood boosting properties of Flower Essence: which we infuse into each of our teas. Taking 10 minutes a day to meditate may not seem feasible at first, but taking the time to treat yourself to one of our handcrafted drinks is the perfect way to ground yourself in the moment and enjoy the world around you. 

20% military discount