Drive-In Church

Mosaic Church of Beavercreek is going to be nomads for the summer! Mosaic will be ditching the building for the time being during this Covid-19 season and taking the opportunity to enjoy the summer weather.

They want this worship experience to be different and enjoyable for everyone! So, they are kindly asking that you...

  • Remain in your car for the entirety of the service
  • Bring items to keep your family comfortable (water, coloring pages for children, etc.—Tiffaney Taylor, Mosaic Family Ministry Director will provide recommendations for kids)
  • Plan to arrive early with patience and grace, we are all trying to figure this out and as the summer goes on we will get better together! 


  • There are no restrooms at the event
  • 1st Aid is available at the Mosaic event tent if needed
  • Please remember to maintain the social distancing recommendations of six feet apart.
  • You will be able to listen to the worship service live through a local FM radio station inside of your car.