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Jobs Description

Delights restaurant patrons with responsive food and beverage service.

Areas of Responsibility


- Sells and serves food and beverages to guests in the dining room and bar.
- Presents menus, answers questions, makes suggestions regarding food and beverages.
- Enters orders in POS system.
- Relays orders to the service bar and kitchen.
- Serves courses from service bar and kitchen.
- Observes guests, anticipates needs and responds to additional requests.
- Accurately totals guest checks, accepts payment and makes change.
- Clears and resets tables.
- Cleans the service areas as necessary.
- Inspects restrooms every hour and informs Floor Manager of necessary cleaning.
- Conducts daily inspections of service areas.
- Recognizes and reports all necessary maintenance promptly.
- Fills in where needed to ensure efficient operations.
- Suggests improvements to the operating format.

Education / Experience Requirements


- Must be at least 19 years of age.
- Able to operate POS system.
- Walks and stands during the entire shift.
- Reading, writing, and math skills required.
- Reaches, bends, stoops, and wipes.
- Speak English and able to interact verbally with patrons.
- Must have exceptional grooming and organizational habits.
- Hazards may include, but are not limited to, cuts, burns, slipping, tripping and injuries due to repetitive movements.


- Free shift meal

- 25% off for family

- Closed on major holidays

- Flexible scheduling

How to Apply

Visit https://got.work/spinozas_pizza or text 1486 to 31063 to get an application link.