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To-Go Service Staff

Jobs Description

Spinoza's takeout operation is called "Spinoza's ToGoZahs!".  Takeout food and beverage is more important now than ever. Help us serve hungry patrons by joining our ToGoZahs team!

Areas of Responsibility


- Interfaces with guests via the phone and on-site ordering.
- Takes orders, answers questions, makes suggestions regarding food and beverages.

- Runs orders to waiting guests at curbside pickup.
- Enters orders in POS system.
- Relays special orders to the service bar and kitchen.
- Accurately totals guest checks, accepts payment and makes change.

- Accurately expedites and packages food and beverage orders for pickup and delivery.
- Cleans the service areas as necessary.
- Inspects restrooms every hour and informs Floor Manager of necessary cleaning.
- Conducts daily inspections of service areas.
- Recognizes and reports all necessary maintenance promptly.
- Fills in where needed to ensure efficient operations.
- Suggests improvements to the operating format.


Education / Experience Requirements


- Must be at least 19 years of age.
- Able to operate POS system.
- Walks and stands during the entire shift.
- Reading, writing, and math skills required.
- Reaches, bends, stoops, and wipes.
- Speak English and able to interact verbally with patrons.
- Must have exceptional grooming and organizational habits.
- Hazards may include, but are not limited to, cuts, burns, slipping, tripping and injuries due to repetitive movements.


- Free shift meal

- 25% off for family

- Closed on major holidays

- Flexible scheduling

How to Apply

Visit https://got.work/spinozas_pizza or text 1486 to 31063 to get an application link.