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Donut Maker

Jobs Description

This entails following the donut mix recipe which includes: weighing donut mix, measuring and heating liquids, measuring sugar and cinnamon, and properly mixing the batter with the use of a commercial mixer. Additional duties include: setting up and maintaining donut machine equipment, filling and refilling hoppers with batter, ensuring the fryer has the proper amount of oil, checking fryer temperatures, and sugaring and traying donuts. Donut makers must be able to keep daily production records, do basic math, follow detailed directions, stand for long periods of time, work at a fast face, lift 50 lbs, and have a positive attitude.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Making sure your area is clean
  • Making sure the fryer is cleaned every night
  • Making and serving donuts

Education / Experience Requirements

  • Hands-on experience with using the equipment 
  • High school diploma; relevant training is a plus