White Barn

Browse our sophisticated selection of White Barn Candles to add elegance to any room. Whether you are looking for 3-wick candles or decorative candle holders, we have a superior selection of our best candles available for you in our White Barn Collection.

Our 3-wick candles are favorites in effortlessly fragranced homes. White Barn crafts the best scented candles by combining a clean, classic design with extraordinary scents. You can still add an extra pop of class to your candle collection with White Barn candle holders. Our luxury luminaries and decorative candle sleeves are the epitome of elegant candle holders.

Our elevated White Barn fragrances are also available as air freshener plug-ins. So don't forget to grab an elegant Wallflowers plug-in and your favorite White Barn Candle plug-in refills and enjoy the sopihistication of White Barn fragrances all day long!